Good Stud Locator For Ordinary Housewife

In this review, I want to consider Precision Sensors Profinder 5000, which is not like to other stud finders. Conventional stud detectors scan only one point, and the device from Precision Sensors scans the entire surface width of 7 inches. This means that it is easier to detect a stud with such a tool. Also, this stud locator can detect several studs at the same time if the distance between them is less than 7 inches. Profinder 5000 does not have a modern display. Instead, a series of LEDs signal when the beam is behind the wall.

Like most similar models, the Profinder 5000 can detect metal, wood and other materials up to 1.5 inches deep. This stud sensor is very similar to the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710, but in a different package. It is possible that the insides in these devices are identical.

To turn on the device, just press the button on it. Then bring it close to the wall and if the stud locator detects the stud, then a number of LEDs will light up in this place. This tool does not require calibration. For an ordinary housewife, this is certainly a plus. Works Profinder 5000 from two AA batteries. It is very good that a bundle of batteries is supplied and you do not have to buy them separately.

I want to warn that this tool could not determine the location of pipes in the wall during testing. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to consider this. If you are planning to look for a pipeline, then you should buy a more professional model.

If you are an ordinary housewife and you only need to introduce a picture or shelf on the wall, then this stud finder will suit you perfectly.

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