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Red and black caviar is not only a tasty delicacy that has a refined taste, Eggs are also very useful because it is composed of many trace elements. Let us consider what is the red, Black caviar and synthetic, how to choose the eggs and consider the useful properties of red and black caviar.

Black Caviar

Black caviar - sturgeon fishes living in the wild, and from farmed, it is very rare, expensive and extremely useful delicacy,containing many useful minerals. Extraction of caviar is the Black Sea region, Lower Danube, Amur and the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, but the main place of production of black caviar is Caspian Sea, about 90 % of the total world production. The main exporters of caviar are the five countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran.

There are three kinds of caviar: Beluga, Sevruga caviar and sturgeon.

By way of processing caviar is divided into: Black caviar - used exclusively by elite and mature eggs, eggs in such eggs are easily separated from each other.

Caviar payusnaya - puree of oil-rich stellate, sometimes mixed with stellate sturgeon caviar.

Caviar yastik - caviar from the worst part of the catch, often salted right in the film - yastiks (yastiks - bag with caviar).

The most valuable and largest caviar - beluga caviar.

In Russia, a large part of the turnover of caviar falls on the "black market", so the study inFolio Research Group official total production of black caviar in Russia 2010 was estimated at 19 тонн, and illegal - about 225 тонн.tonnes.

Prices for caviar Prices for caviar depends on the type of eggs and are significantly different in the Russian and European markets. By the end 2005 year 1 kg of the most valuable of beluga caviar worth about 620 € on the black market in Russia (at the official ban on the sale of eggs) and up to 7000 € abroad.

Big rise in black caviar, about 60 % , the world market for the 2007-2008 year, there was a, so in a London restaurant 100 grams of beluga caviar costs about 2000 dollars. After Beluga caviar in second place on the value of the Russian sturgeon caviar: in 2005 , it was worth 230 €/кг (in the supermarket - 450 €/кг), abroad - more 1000 €/кг. Cheapest - Sevruga caviar, 200 €/кг.€ / kg On the Moscow food markets, at the end 2010 year, 500 gram tin of beluga caviar cost on average 20000 rubles.

Black Caviar has not only refined taste, it is very useful, because it contains many trace elements, a complete set of amino acids, minerals and some vitamins.

Red caviar

Red caviar - roe of salmon fish, such as: Pacific salmon - salmon, dog-salmon, red salmon, Coho salmon, Atlantic salmon (salmon), trout with its different forms, trout and other. Red caviar - a valuable food c very tasty and relatively high cost, therefore refers to the delicacies.

Red caviar on the beneficial properties not inferior to black caviar.

The choice of eggs

Do not buy eggs at the market, for quality caviar go to the supermarket, selecting eggs to prefer the product in glass jars. Loose eggs acquire not desirable and dangerous davolno, on loose eggs, affects too many bacteria and spoil it much faster, and know the real date of production and expiration date on a product unreal. Caviar in tin box, just not the ideal package, oxidized metal affects the taste of the product and there is no way to assess the quality of the product visually. Caviar in glass - the most practical package in all respects,in this package you're good to consider the contents of the jar, and look at what is in the eggs so there was crushed berries,плесени, sediment and connecting films. A quality eggs should be the same size, no dents and hugs. Choosing eggs always look at the date of catch - only the quality caviar, which is produced from July to September. Pay attention as the digits on the cover, a quality caviar figures to be prominent, while the counterfeit product numbers prodavleny inside.

Required sign STATE,and the information to which this class includes caviar. On the bank of quality caviar, should be written not only "caviar", and what kind of salmon it was obtained, it can be: trout, pink salmon, dog-salmon, Coho salmon, red salmon. If you like large eggs,buy salmon roe, it is up to 5 – 6 mm in diameter, is amber - orange,perfectly round and explicit fat speck - embryo. But her hard shell, and it can not please everyone.

Until 1917, salmon caviar called "royal", and now, some manufacturers make such products. High demand salmon roe, like the taste of it all, size medium, to 5 mm, and a dense shell. The smallest trout caviar, to 2 – 3 mm in diameter, its color varies from yellow to bright orange. Buying eggs, Read the label, most often mentioned in the: caviar, salt and preservative, without it, the shelf life of the product is limited to two months. With preservative caviar stored in the refrigerator up to a year. The maximum number of two preservatives, but a better one.

Permitted preservative in caviar:
E 200 - Sorbic acid
E 211 - Sodium benzoate

Do not buy caviar with hexamine - E 239, methenamine toxic it was banned from use 2010 year, the presence of this preservative in caviar says, that the eggs produced by the old technology, or very long. If you are of no preservatives, means to be the words "pasteurized caviar". Jars are sterilized with steam at a temperature of + 60C. Health Pasteurized eggs are better than with preservatives, but the taste is inferior.

Synthetic caviar

Synthetic caviar - SUBSTITUTE GOODS, mimics the taste and appearance of salmon caviar and sturgeon. Caviar made from synthetic: gelatin, eggs, milk, with the addition of flavorings, dyes and flavor enhancers. , because of the high temperature of protein folds into a ball imitating fish eggs. To form synthetic caviar is very similar to the natural, the taste - it is elastic balls of gelatin with a fish and a touch of margarine, synthetic shell eggs bursting with work and stick to the teeth.

To avoid fraud, Do not buy cheap caviar and carefully read the label.

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